5 Best Portable Car Heater Reviews & Buyer’s Guide In 2023

Most car heater cores are very hard to replace as they require high labour charges and are very expensive. Some technicians also offer to bypass the heater core but that is not the ideal solution. So, the best alternative is the portable car heater. It helps you to survive the winter months easily without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are some basic things that you need to consider when buying a portable car heater.

  • Type: There are three options when it comes to the types of portable car heater. However, the safest and best option is the 12V portable car heater as it can easily draw power from the car and is least likely to start a fire.
  • Power: You need to consider the power required for the portable heater. The portable heater should be able to draw the required power from the car itself.
  • Size and Weight: It is important to know the size and weight of the portable car heater. It needs to be lightweight and the size should be such that it fits easily inside the car.

In this guide, we have listed the best portable car heaters with their best features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Below, you will also find a detailed “Buyer’s Guide” on how to select the best car heater inclusive of all the factors and considerations that one must keep in mind while shopping for a car heater.

Best Portable Car Heater 2023

Best Portable Car Heater Reviews

1. BTFDREEM Portable Car Heater

BTFDREEM Car Heater is a versatile 2-in-1 device that functions as both a heater and cooler. Its advanced aluminum alloy heating design ensures rapid heating or cooling, while its low power consumption ensures energy efficiency. Simply plug the heater into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and switch to heat or fan mode to enjoy instant warmth or refreshing coolness.

The heater’s 360-degree rotating base and suction cup bracket allow for flexible placement and adjustment, enabling you to direct the airflow precisely where needed. Its low noise operation ensures a peaceful driving experience, while its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport.

Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a road trip, or simply seeking comfort during chilly mornings, the BTFDREEM Car Heater is your reliable companion for all your winter driving needs.


  • Power – 150 Watts
  • Input Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Material – Aluminum Alloy
  • Features – Fast Heating and convenient heating Effect
  • Angle Adjustment – 360 Degrees
  • Cooling Method – 2 in 1
  • Dimensions – 5.6″L x 4.0″W x 2.8″H
  • Weight – 13.1 ounces


  • Effective at heating and defrosting windows
  • Compact and portable
  • Low power consumption
  • Durable construction


  • The heater may not be powerful enough for very large vehicles.

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2. LARDERGO Portable Car Heater

LARDERGO Portable Car Heater

LARDERGO, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, presents its Portable Car Heater, a versatile device designed to enhance your driving experience. This compact yet powerful heater boasts a 360-degree rotating base for precise airflow adjustment, ensuring optimal comfort in any weather.

With its 2-in-1 heating and cooling functions, the LARDERGO Portable Car Heater effectively defrosts windshields and mist, keeping your vision clear and your drive safe. Its efficient three-outlet design ensures rapid heating and cooling, while its durable ABS and polymer construction guarantees long-lasting performance. Installation is easy and the self-adhesive pad provided ensures a secure grip, whether mounted on the dashboard or pedestal.

Experience the LARDERGO difference – enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience, all packed into our Portable Car Heater.


  • Power – 150 Watts
  • Input Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Material – ABS Plastic
  • Features – Purifying air, Instant hot, Silent operation
  • Angle Adjustment – 360 Degrees
  • Cooling Method – 2 in 1
  • Dimensions – 7.76″L x 4.09″W x 3.62″H
  • Weight – 13 Ounces


  • Heats up quickly and effectively
  • Defrosts and demists the windshield efficiently
  • Provides cool air for hot days
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compact and portable design
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • The cigarette lighter plug can get hot.

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3. FAFAAWFF Portable Car Heater

FAFAAWFF Portable Car Heater

FAFAAWFF Car Heater is a 2-in-1 multi-functional portable car heater that provides quick heating, defrosting, and defogging to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience throughout the year.Powered by a 150W 12V cigarette lighter plug, this compact yet powerful heater swiftly eliminates windshield fog and frost, enhancing visibility and safety. Its dual-speed option offers both warm and cool air, making it an ideal companion for all seasons.

Equipped with an antioxidant alloy heating wire, the FAFAAWFF Car Heater boasts rapid heating, slow aging, and extended service life. Its dual-axis structure allows for 360° rotation and 60° wide-angle heating, directing warm air to your desired spot.

The built-in air purifier ensures fresh and inviting car air, while the 1.5-meter-long wire provides ample reach for fog removal throughout your vehicle. Easy installation and a safe ignition port plug make it a convenient choice for any car owner.


  • Power – 150 Watts
  • Input Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Material – ABS Plastic
  • Features – High heat conversion rate, Rapid heating, Slow aging
  • Angle Adjustment – 360 Degrees
  • Cooling Method – 2 in 1
  • Dimensions – 6.5″L x 5.63″W x 3.43″H
  • Weight – 11.3 Ounces


  • Effective at clearing windshield fog and frost
  • Provides comfortable heating and cooling
  • Freshens the air in your car
  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe and reliable operation


  • The noise level is a bit high.

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4. Milukon Portable Car Heater

Milukon Portable Car Heater

Milukon presents its 3-in-1 car heater, cooler and defogger, designed to provide comfort and safety for your driving experience. With its compact size, portable design, and easy installation, this versatile device is perfect for cars, jeeps, mini cars, light buses, light trucks, and small special vehicles.

Equipped with a quick cooling design, the car heater can rapidly generate a large area of stable wind to effectively heat up your vehicle, ensuring a clear view and a warm, comfortable drive. Its 3-in-1 functionality allows you to switch between natural fan or heat fan modes, catering to your needs in both hot and cold weather conditions.

The intelligent design features a rotary holder for versatile adjustment, enabling you to direct the airflow to your preferred angle. Additionally, the automatic heating and overheating protection features ensure safe and energy-efficient operation. Simply plug the car heater into your 12V lighter socket and enjoy a comfortable driving experience.


  • Power – 150 Watts
  • Input Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Material – Plastic
  • Features – Fast Heating, Comes with Rotary Holder
  • Angle Adjustment – 360 Degrees
  • Cooling Method – 3 in 1
  • Dimensions – 5.98″L x 5.04″W x 3.31″H
  • Weight – 12.9 Ounces


  • Effectively heats up small vehicles
  • Provides a clear view of the windshield
  • Keeps you warm and comfortable during cold weather
  • Can also be used as a fan in hot weather


  • The cord is relatively short.

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5. WAMTHUS Portable Car Heater

WAMTHUS Portable Car Heater

WAMTHUS brings you the ultimate car heater, designed to provide exceptional comfort and convenience throughout the year.

This compact yet powerful device quickly heats your car’s interior in cold weather, providing a cozy and comfortable driving experience. Its air purification function effectively removes dust, smoke, and unpleasant odors, ensuring a fresh and breathable environment.

Featuring a durable design with high-quality pure copper cable, this car heater is energy-efficient and operates with minimal noise. The automatic power-off and anti-voltage functions ensure your safety, while the adjustable angle allows you to direct the airflow as needed.

Compatible with a wide range of 12V vehicles, this versatile heater is the perfect companion for any car owner. Easy installation and intuitive operation make it a breeze to use, ensuring you’re always comfortable on the road.


  • Power – 120 Watts
  • Input Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Material – ABS Plastic
  • Features – Built-in Fuse, Automatic Power-off
  • Compatibility – Cars , SUVs, Trucks
  • Angle Adjustment – 360 Degrees
  • Cooling Method -2 in 1 Mode
  • Dimensions – 7.13″L x 5.71″W x 2.01″H
  • Weight – 12.3 Ounces


  • Heats up quickly and effectively
  • Cools down the car interior rapidly
  • Defrosts the windshield efficiently
  • Purifies the air in the car
  • Compact and portable design


  • The cigarette lighter plug can sometimes overheat.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Best Portable Car Heater

When selecting a portable car heater, there are several things that you need to consider. From the voltage required to the weight and the size, we have listed some of the basic factors that you need to consider when buying a portable car heater.

1. Type

  • 12V Portable Heaters: The safest and best alternative to the factory heater are the 12V heaters which are specially made for use in the car. They usually work after drawing power from the car after plugging in the cigarette lighter socket of the car. The portable car heaters should have an inline fuse for safety and should be wired directly to the battery.
  • Residential Portable Heaters: These heaters can be used in the car, but they are not designed for enclosed and small spaces. Also, it can be fatal by causing a fire as the manual asks to keep inflammable objects far from the heater. One more issue with the residential portable heater is the required wattage.
  • Portable Propane Heaters: These heaters come with a higher risk of suffocation and fire. Therefore, they should not be used in such enclosed spaces as cars.

2. Power

Power is a crucial feature when you are considering any portable car heater. This also depends largely on the size of the car you are using. For instance, a 12V portable car heater is sufficient for small cars but does not work well for larger cars or motorhomes.

3. Weight

As you need to carry the portable heater around, the heater must be lightweight. The lightweight structure of the portable car heater will allow you to carry it easily from the car to your house and back without any fatigue. The lightweight design will also make it easy for you to store when not in use.

4. Size

Before investing in any portable car heater, you need to check its dimensions. This is a very crucial step as you need to see if the portable car heater fits easily inside the car. It will become a useless investment if the heater is not suitable to use in the car.

5. Functionality

You need to decide why you need a portable car heater. Whether you need to keep the whole car or RV warm or for the windscreen to melt the frost or a heated cushion that is capable of warming your whole body. Different portable car heaters are suited for each function, so you can choose the one you need accordingly.

6. Compatibility

You need to make sure that the 12V lighter port in your can handle the portable car heaters. These heaters mostly use the lighter port to draw the power from your car. If the lighter port is not sufficient then you will need an inverter to draw power.

Best Portable Car Heaters: FAQs

1. Are portable car heaters safe?

Ans: If the portable car heaters are used properly, they are extremely safe. For example, many 12V car heaters have an inline fuse for safety. However, residential heaters, even portable ones, are not safe for the car.

2. Do portable car heaters work well?

Ans: The portable car heaters that are charged by the cigarette lighter outlet cannot suffice for the full heating system of the vehicle while a 12V charger by a battery is more able to provide warmth with an inline fuse. A universal heater that relies on coolant is the best attendance, but they are expensive and very difficult to install.

3. Are propane heaters suitable for cars?

Ans: No, using propane heaters in the car is a very bad idea, especially with the windows closed. Along with the harmful propane exhaust, they also emit water vapour and moisture. Therefore, without proper ventilation, the oxygen levels might be reduced and pose a fire risk.

4. How to heat the car without a car heater?

Ans: You can heat the car without a car heater by carrying a blanket or keeping a hot water bottle. If you want to keep the whole car and not just yourself, you can use portable car heaters, but they are not as powerful as the air conditioning system. Further, the car can get heated up quickly if you park under the sun for long hours.

5. What kind of portable car heater is the best for your car?

Ans: This answer depends on various factors. Your car size generally decides the power that you need for the car heater.

Final Words

The bottom line is that portable car heaters can be used in case the factory heating system has failed, but they are not as strong. Replacing the real car heater system is expensive and requires a lot of installation work. Thus, this 12V 150W portable car heater is sufficient for the whole winter season.

  • BTFDREEM Portable Car Heater is a great option for those who want a versatile heater that can be used for both heating and cooling. It has a 360-degree suction bracket that allows you to direct the airflow exactly where you need it. It also has a built-in thermostat that can be set to your desired temperature.

  • LARDERGO Portable Car Heater is a good choice for those who are looking for a portable heater that is specifically designed for defogging and defrosting windshields. It has a powerful ceramic heating element that can quickly clear away frost and fog. It also has a multi-functional design that allows it to be used as a fan or heater.

  • FAFAAWFF Portable Car Heater is a good value for the price. It has a 150W heating element that can quickly heat up your car. It also has a 360-degree rotating base that allows you to direct the airflow where you need it. It is also very compact and easy to store.

If you have any further queries, you can contact us through the comments section given below.

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