Best Car Wash Soaps for Black Cars: Buying Guide

If you own a shiny black car, then maintaining its appearance lies upon you, and mind you it’s tough! To protect the shine and look, one must use car soaps that will protect the wax coating or the color because it is quite easy to spot the swirl marks or scratches from afar if it is a black car.

There are a few prominent points you have to consider before buying a car soap for your black car to maintain its appearance. Consider this list of key points before buying them.

  • PH level: When you are buying a car washing product, one of the most important things is to look for a car wash soap with a pH-neutral or slightly acidic pH level. A balanced product with a pH level of 7 won’t leave residues or watermarks on glass surfaces.
  •  Surface Compatibility: Surface compatibility is a crucial matter, as different car surfaces have specific needs and sensitivities. A good car soap should be safe for chrome or metal accents and not cause discolouration. Also, the product should not negatively impact rubber seals, plastic trim, or other non-metal parts of the vehicle. If your car has vinyl wraps or decals, choose a car soap that won’t damage or peel these surfaces. To clean interior parts, use specific dedicated cleaning products for the dashboard, seats, etc.
  • Product Quantity: The quantity of the soap solely depends on how much you are using to wash your car and how frequently you use the solution. Big car needs a larger amount and smaller ones need accordingly.  Also, the brand and the dilution ratio are recommended before buying the soap.  You are recommended to check the dilution ratio on the product label before use.

These are the most significant features you should consider before buying a suitable car washing soap for your black car. We also have a detailed Buyer’s Guide discussing all the important factors that you need to consider before buying a car wash soap for black cars.

Best Car Wash Soaps for Black Cars Chart

Best Car Wash for Black Cars PH Level Surface Compatibility Product Quantity
Chemical Guys Car Wash Soap PH balanced Metal, Glass, Plastic, Rubber 64 fl oz Check On Amazon
Meguiar’s Car Wash Soap PH balanced car exterior surface 128 oz Check On Amazon
Optimum Polymer Technologies Car Wash Soap PH balanced Paint, Fiberglass, Plastic, Glass, Wood 128 oz Check On Amazon
Rain-X Car Wash Soap PH balanced car exterior surface 48 oz Check On Amazon
Kärcher Car Wash Soap PH balanced all surfaces,especially vehicles 128 oz Check On Amazon
Adam’s Polishes Car Wash Soap PH neutral Ceramic, Plastic, Glass 128 oz Check On Amazon

Best Car Wash Soaps for Black Cars Reviews

1. Chemical Guys Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Car Wash is a US-based company that manufactures user-friendly, excellent car cleaning products. It is one of the most considerable brands, which comes with a balanced pH level and moderate concentration that cleans beautifully without hurting exterior automobile parts like black paint, polished metals, glass, and plastic trim.

It comes in liquid form and is easily blendable with water. The soap is very gentle on waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings and safe to use on every exterior part of a car, even wheels. The packaging is easy to handle, and the 64 oz product goes a long way.

This liquid car wash shampoo effectively removes hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfactants and leaves a squishy, clean car after a wash. The thick lubricants help you to remove scratches from the surface.

Only one ounce of this liquid soap is needed for a five-gallon bucket if you are going old-school car washing, and you’ll need two ounces for a foam cannon. It is compatible with foam cannons or pressure-cleaning machines. Mr. Pink is a fruity, smelled, eco-friendly product.


  • Comes with a pH level of 7, which is neutral
  • Comes in a concentrated thick liquid form, and the dilution ratio is 1:4000
  • One or two ounces are needed for a single car wash
  • Can be used with a foam gun, foam cannon or simply with mitts and buckets
  • Lubricants remove all scratches
  • Can be used on all exterior parts of a car
  • Have no specific warranty period
  • Best to use it before the expiry date as it contains specific chemicals


  • Leaves no residue or water marks after washing
  • The pH-balanced formula is gentle on the car’s coating and compatible with all car parts
  • Easy to remove oily substances from car
  • A small amount of product goes a long way
  • It is eco-friendly and is not harsh on the skin


  • Requires 1700 PSI for best foaming consistency

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2. Meguiar’s Car Wash Soap

Meguiar's Car Wash SoapA black car needs its glam, and Meguiar’s Gold Class foaming car wash provides combined conditioning and cleaning. With their advanced liquid formula, the pH-neutral compounds work wonderfully on the surface of a black car. The liquid shampoo not only brings out the true color of the black car but also maintains and conditions the shine of the exterior.

Be it a foam canon or bucket-sponge method, a small amount of this car wash shampoo goes a long way, especially if you buy the 128 oz tub. Suppose you simply dilute the liquid formula in a 5:1 ratio with water before using it with a foam cannon. In that case, you’ll enjoy a fresh, thick lather and also get a highly professional clean.

It does not have any unpleasant or thick fragrance, which many people prefer. The best part of choosing this brand is they are producing an eco-friendly biodegradable formula.


  • PH-Neutral liquid formula
  • Washes and conditions the car
  • Protects from discoloration
  • 128 oz product goes a long way
  • The dilution ratio is 5:1 with water
  • Compatible with foam cannons, Foam guns or hand-washing methods
  • Not strong fragrance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Doesn’t have any warranty period


  • A PH-balanced formula which protects wax or other metal coatings
  • Combined Cleaning and conditioning at the same time
  • Easy for hand washing and not harsh on hands
  • Creates a lot of suds and cleans oily residues easily
  • Sudsy and foamy consistency prevent further scratches
  • Biodegradable


  • A high-price product compared to other car washes
  • Advised to wash in cool surfaces and shades

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3. Optimum Polymer Technologies Car Wash Soap

Optimum Polymer Technologies Car Wash SoapThe great enemy of a black car is dried water marks after a car wash, and Optimum No Rinse and Shine concentrate liquid soap can be a great lifesaver. This renowned US brand manufactures advanced liquid soap with a balanced pH level that not only cleans thoroughly but uses a very small amount of water to rinse. Only 1 or 2 oz of liquid is needed to wash an entire car, and the 128 oz tub will provide you with multiple hassle-free car washes in the future.

The modified Polymer in this formula upscales the washing, which creates a small amount of foam, lather, and lubrication, which protects the car surface from further scratching and protects its surface from discolouration or other damaging components. The most wonderful part about this washing soap is it also works on interior surfaces, like leather, dash, etc.

As there are no soapy surfactants in their new formula, there is no rinse required for your black car wash. It gives off a fresh smell and enables you to wash a car without any water indoors or outdoors, which saves water and is great for our environment.


  • Ph-neutral liquid formula
  • Plastic, wood, fiberglass and other surface materials can be cleaned
  • Not harsh on leather and other specific interior parts of a car
  • Comes with a 128 oz bottle, which is good for future saving
  • It not only protects the coating, but also prevents further damage from scratches
  • Has a fresh smell
  • Has no warranty period
  • Washing can be done regardless of the weather


  • Eco-friendly, saves water and leaves no watermarks on the surface
  • New modified polymers in the liquid provide a scratch-free car
  • Won’t dry or damp wooden materials
  • A product compatible with the interior surface of a car
  • It takes care of rubber, glass, plastic, and even leather


  • Cold weather makes it difficult to wash
  • Tough dirt stains require to be pre-washed before using the product

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4. Rain-X Car Wash Soap

Rain-X Car Wash SoapRain-x is a trusted brand that has been around in the market for 50 years, and it comes to our rescue when it comes to drying excess water. You can hand clean the car, rinse it, leave it to air dry, and it won’t leave any water spots.

It comes in a concentrated liquid form, and with the balanced pH formula, the soap makes it easier to have a professional clean of black cars at home. This product is gentle on your car exterior and other metals as it doesn’t strip off the wax coating on the black car.

The concentrated soap comes in a 48 oz package, but a small portion is good enough for a big vehicle as only 1 oz is needed for a gallon of water to rinse. This product does not leave any unpleasant smells and is great to work with. Saving time and also taking care of the environment is a plus one for this product.


  • Has a balanced pH level that helps you to clean any part of the car
  • Comes in a concentrated liquid form
  • Comes in a 48 oz bottle
  • Perfect for air drying black cars after wash
  • Won’t scrap the metal or waxed exterior
  • Has a fresh smell
  • Biodegradable
  • Has no specific warranty period
  • Advised to wash the car in a cool shade


  • Won’t hurt the glass, coating or metal
  • Polymers are present in the formula, so it lathers nicely, and water doesn’t stick to the surface of the black car
  • Easy to get rid of rough old dirt, oily substances
  • Has no chemical smell
  • Environment-friendly


  • It may leave spots if the car is newly wax-coated
  • Better to avoid car washing in the direct sun.

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5. Kärcher Car Wash Soap

Kärcher Car Wash SoapKärcher is a US-based company that produces car washing soaps that protect car wax coats and renew the coating.

Formulated with a balanced PF level, this car washing soap comes in a liquid form, which allows you to use it with water in different pressure washer machines for cleaning black cars. The formula won’t hurt the surface, be it metal, plastic, or glass.

This product comes in multiple sizes so that you can buy the amount according to your convenience. This soap has a high concentration, so a little bit of product makes a fresh-scented foam. The best part of this product is that it is biodegradable, so it does not harm the environment.


  • Revives the wax coating on black cars
  • Has a pH-neutral formula
  • Comes in liquid form
  • Best to use ion foam cannon or, pressure machines or gas powered machines
  • Does not harm metal or glass surfaces
  • Have no warranty period
  • No unpleasant smell


  • Liquid formula works well with pressure machines
  • Protects coating and rejuvenates the shine
  • Lifts spots easily, leaving no water spots
  • Lubricants prevent further scratches
  • Requires no pre-rinsing
  • Have a pleasant fruity smell


  • Washing under the sun or in a heated environment can cause spots

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6. Adam’s Polishes Car Wash Soap

Adam's Polishes Car Wash SoapAdam’s car wash shampoo is the best product if you are going for a car wash that is a hassle-free car wash experience. They manufacture this pH-neutral liquid wash soap that safely removes the dirt from your car without damaging the clear coating and paint. The advanced polymer in this formula doesn’t dry the rubber or strip of plastic material on the black surface. This car shampoo is compatible with glass, vinyl, ceramic, metal and other various surfaces on your black car.

The product comes in large amounts like 128 oz and other sizes that are great for storing the product in your garage and can be used for multiple uses. It is also notable that it has a strong fruity berry smell and can be used in sunlight. It does not have any warranty period, and its website enables you to have an easy delivery and exchange procedure.


  • Balanced pH level liquid formula
  • Protective toward car coating
  • Does not affect vinyl, glass, ceramic, metal or other materials on the black car surface
  • Not harsh on the tire or other rubber products
  • Works great with water cannons, foam guns
  • Have a strong fruity smell
  • Comes in large quantities, such as 128oz
  • Environment-friendly
  • No warranty is mentioned in the manufacturing details


  • Automatically suspends water particles after washing
  • Balanced pH level so not harmful to car exterior
  • Not harsh towards rubber or ceramic exteriors
  • Can be used for old-school cleaning or with pressure machines
  • Can be used under sunlight


  • Pre rinsing needed to wash off strong darts

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Buying Guide for Car Washing Soaps for Black Cars

It is hard to keep a clean black car, but by choosing the right washing products, you can maintain its glamor. So, if you need a buying guide for such products, we have picked out the best ones available to help you and discussed their key points thoroughly. For further help, the extensive buying guide for the best car wash for your black car is stated below:

1. PH level

When you are buying soap to wash your black car, it is preferable to go with one that has a pH-balanced formula. Between pH levels of 6 and 8 is ideal for cars. It will protect the car’s protective layers and wash its exterior without harming other parts. Some products have highly alkaline products or slightly acidic material in the soap, can be rough on waxed coating and can strip the tires and black paint. Nowadays, many companies mention the pH level on the label, which enhances the shine and coating of black cars. If it is not indicated, then you should definitely contact the manufacturing company or go through product reviews.

2. Concentration

If you are going for a car wash at home or using multiple machines for washing your black car, then definitely check out the dilution ratio of the product before mixing it with water or putting it into a foam machine. A concentrated product may be suitable for budgets, but overusing a product can trigger other chemical compounds in the solution, and it can cause issues with the paint and other materials on the surface. Also, the ratio will determine how long that solution is going to last.

3. Product Quantity

If you wash your car very frequently, like once a week, then you might get a big jar of the solution stored in your home. Sometimes, the thickness of the soap and the size of the car is variable in this matter. The bigger the car, the more product you’ll need. If it fits with your budget, then you can experiment with new brands and start with smaller quantities of products. Most of these mentioned brands come with a minimum of 64 oz to 128 oz, which is a considerable amount for storing the product or for a trial.

4. Scent

Scents can remind you of beautiful things. Washing a car would not be a cakewalk if there is something unpleasant about the smelling soap. Choosing a car washing soap with fragrance or no scents at all should depend on the buyer. Sometimes, specific chemical compounds, for essence, can trigger an allergy or breakouts for the skin as some products are very thick in consistency. The mentioned products mostly have a fresh touch to them, and some of the products contain a strong fruity smell, so you should consider the manufacturing details before buying them.

5. Item Form

A hard bar soap should not be used on black cars or any cars. There are many protective layers and expensive paints on a car, so it is better to use a liquidated formula on such surfaces. Plus, it would be much easier to dilute a liquid soap in water than other types of soap. Most of the shampoos that are mentioned here come in a liquid form and in a moderate consistency, which makes it easier to use with a foam gun or old-fashioned wash.

6. Eco-Friendly

When we are choosing products for ourselves, we think about our needs very attentively. Similarly, we should be attentive towards nature and should not support a product or choose something that is harmful to the environment. There are multiple products in the list which are biodegradable and phosphate, which is less injurious to circumstances. You should check the manufacturing details before buying to see if those products provide the right information.

7. Warranty

Unlike electronic products, these chemicals do not come with a certain warranty period, as they have many complex chemical forms in them, so it might be best if we use them before the expiry dates. Expired products can cause harm to the rubber or leather in the car or damage the paint, so you have to keep that in mind.

Best Car Wash Soaps for Black Cars – FAQs

1. Why do black cars scratch so easily?

Ans: It is quite difficult to remove marks and scratches from a black-painted car than from other colors. Sometimes, the wrong products and not cleaning the car after the washing afterwards can also trigger multiple problems. The coats on the upper layer get thinned with time, so scratches become more prominent with time.

2. Should you wash a black car in the sun?

Ans: The black color absorbs heat very easily, and the body of the black car can get pretty hot if it is being washed in sunlight. The foams can dry easily on the surface and can cause spots and damage, so it would be preferable to wash a black car under shade or in a cooler environment.

3. Are black cars harder to wash?

Ans: Taking care of the paint and coating of a black car is not an easy task as it is quite easy to lose the shine. If the paint is chipped or the coating is thinned, then it gets very difficult to get rid of spots.

4. How often should I wash my black car?

Ans: Cleaning twice a month is needed. To wash off the dust, dirt, bird crap, or other residue, cleaning is a must for maintaining the appearance of a black car.


The option is endless when it comes to car washing soaps for your black car. Their features are different, and products usually vary according to their materials. So when you are choosing the best product for your car, you have to choose wisely to suit your preference.

  • If you are looking for the best quality product and budget is not an issue, then you should consider Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine car wash, which leans towards the pricier side, but the benefit is you can opt for a car cleaning without water. Also, the most affordable product from the price point is Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash, which conditioners the car and washes it perfectly.

  • The most famous product on the above list is probably Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap, which meets most requirements of the buyers and it is moderately budget friendly and does its job pretty well.

  • Kärcher – Pressure Washer Car Wash & Wax Cleaning Soap Concentrate solution is the most affordable and easygoing product among the other soaps. If you are open to experiments with your car washing experiment and tight on the budget, then you should definitely go for this product. It is compatible with foam-making machines and pressure-washing tools.

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