CEAT Unveils New Steel Rad Tyres, Elevating the High-Performance Motorcycle Experience

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Steel Rad tyres are the most recent addition to the lineup of tyres that have been presented in India by CEAT, one of the industry leaders in the tyre manufacturing industry. Based on the information that was provided by the manufacturer, the new range has been introduced for bikes that are focused on performance. It is designed to improve the grip of these motorcycles, allowing them to remain stable even while riders are going wild with the throttle.


The Sporttrad and Crossroad models were the two that were initially introduced for the series. The former is designed specifically for fast speeds and turning, while the latter offers a strong grip on multiple terrains and ensures the rider’s safety when the bike is used to its full capacity.


In terms of cost, both variants are affordable. Customers looking to own these tyres can purchase the same from any approved retailer. They can also opt to buy these tyres online or purchase them from any distributor at a price range that falls between INR 4,300 and INR 12,500 (for a set of tyres).


About Crossrad

When it comes to the Crossrad tyre, this series has an asymmetrical block tread design and transversal grooves, which together offer a firm superior grip in a variety of terrains, including gravel/mud and other off-road terrains. These tyres are compatible with bikes that have a respectable amount of power, such as the Suzuki Gixxer Series and the Yamaha FZ Series.


About Sporttrad

With regards to the Sporttrad tyre, it has been designed with equidistant mid-crown grooves and silica-blended tread, which improves cornering stability while also providing a perfect balance of stiffness. The Duke 390, the KTM RC390, the Bajaj Dominar 400 and the TVS Apache RR310 are just a few of the high-performance motorcycles that are specifically produced for this series.


Arnab Banerjee, the company’s managing director and chief executive officer, discussed these tyres and stated, “The Steel Rad series is a testament to CEAT’s commitment to innovation and quality.” “With the Steel Rad series, we are ushering in a new era of motorcycle tyres that combine cutting-edge technology with a passion for performance,” he said.


In addition to this, he also stated that due to the fact that we are aware of the specific requirements that riders of high-performance motorcycles have, these tyres have been developed to not only meet but also go beyond their expectations. Every facet of the motorcycle has been painstakingly engineered to improve the riding experience, from the severe lean angles to the high-speed stability. Arnab Banerjee concluded.

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