Factors to consider to get best continental tyres for 3 wheeler

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Choosing a tyre for a vehicle is not an easy task when you don’t know what to look for. It takes experience and good brands to get best continental tyres for 3 wheeler. There will be a plethora of options available in the market. How are you going to choose among them? What should you look into? What is the best way to choose a tyre when you are new to this?

These questions truly confuse vehicle owners. They might be good options suggested by the local tyre dealers or from fellow vehicle owners but there is something the owners need to know and do on their own. Let us find out what the auto experts are suggesting that vehicle owner follow. These factors will help all kinds of vehicle owners to find the right set of tyres for their vehicles.

Factors to choose the right tyre

We all know that the most wear and tear a part of a vehicle suffers are tyres. A tyre needs to be well-fit with the road type and can deliver the ideal grip along with fuel efficiency. Let us check what factors you need to focus on and find the best continental tyres for 3 wheeler and other vehicles easily.


If you check the tyre label, you will find the first three digits mentioned in the product description or name is its width. This is a way that the tyre companies mark their products for proper communication. It becomes easier for dealers and buyers to understand the meaning of these three digits in the product name and find the right one instantly.

Check the tyre width and add it to the vehicle’s infrastructure. Remember the more width you choose the better traction you will get on the road. It will offer better control over the vehicle. On the other hand, the more contact you want with the road the more sound it will create. It will also cause more friction but will not cause any issues with fuel efficiency.


One of the prime factors is the profile of the tyres. It should be checked thoroughly as the factor decides the side thickness of a product. The tyre product label can also signify the side thickness or profile of the tyres. It is usually the two digits paired in the label name or number.

The profile of a tyre determines the thickness of the sidewall. The more the thickness the higher will be the number. It means a high-profile tyre is capable of handling stress and the weight of the entire vehicle properly. A low-profile tyre, on the other hand, is not capable of handling the weight of the vehicle and will succumb to road stress.

Hence, choose a thicker profile so that you can enjoy the service of these tyres properly. The damage rate is thus inversely proportional to the profile of the tyres. Make sure you check and purchase the right ones.


Another prime factor to consider when you are out there to buy a new set of tyres is the steering performance. You can easily understand how much pressure a tyre faces when a vehicle is steered in any direction. The part of the tyre in contact with the road will face the consequences of steering. Elevated stress and tension on the tyres will cause tearing and wearing more.

This is why the thickness and profile of the tyres are matched with the road conditions and terrain of a location first. For instance, the tyres used for hilly areas and hairpin loops will be much better than those chosen for flat plain roads.


The size of the tyres is a crucial part of this factor list. Make sure you are aware of the right size of tyres you need for your vehicle. Once you are aware of the size of the tyre you need, you can buy the same from the top brands.

The label of the tyre products will display the tyre size. It is either expressed in with an R. The R represents the length between the two points located on the sidewalls of a tyre diametrically. You can consider it as the rim size of a tyre. It is all the same for the radial tyre for cycle and other vehicles.


Another crucial part of the specification of rubber tyres you should know is the speed rating. The tyres are designed and tested in the labs of the manufacturing units. It is also tested in the research and development centres of big brands. There, a rating for the average speed a tyre can withstand is given.

This rating is then expressed in code that a product buyer and dealers can easily understand. The code is given with a single letter mostly at the end of the label of a product. The code letters are assigned by the regulatory authorities and are mandatory to mention. Based on your speed requirements, you can tally and buy the right tyre set that can handle that speed easily.  

For instance, high performance tyre for bikes will need good traction and stopping speed at a high speed. Hence, the speed rating should be discussed and calculated so that you can purchase the right set of tyres for safety and longevity.

Wrapping up

Check the tread pattern of a tyre and then proceed to buy after considering all the above factors. Focus on how the tyres have been developed for various purposes and make sure you have chosen the most suitable one according to your vehicular need.

Give choosing a brand a thought rather than going for locally made products. Only the R&D and certified tyres from Merto Tyres will give you what you need. Add value-for-money tyres to your vehicle and increase its lifespan to a considerable extent. Take care of the wheels and the vehicle will take care of you and your vehicle’s performance. 

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