Fix NVIDIA Control Panel when Not Opening on Windows

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For computers or laptops with NVIDIA graphics cards, the NVIDIA control panel allows you to fully utilize the features of your graphics card and adjust the refresh rate, resolution, and color settings.

While this feature is exciting, an outdated NVIDIA control panel may not allow you to adjust those parameters. Sometimes, the control panel may not open on some devices even after multiple attempts. Some users also reported that when they tried to open the NVIDIA control panel, their devices displayed an error message,

While this problem can be frustrating, it can be solved with a few methods we mention here.

How to Fix the NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening in Windows 11?

Method 1:- Restart the Nvidia Control Panel

A simple restart can often solve the problem, including temporary ones

  • Press the windows and R keys together to open the “Run” dialogue box
  • In the dialogue box, type “services.msc” and click Enter to open “Services
  • Find each of the services, “NVIDIA Local System Container” and “NVIDIA Display Container LS,” and click on “Restart” to restart the NVIDIA control panel.
  • Wait till the program restarts and reopens on your screen.

Method 2:- Run Nvidia as an Administrator

You can try using this method when the app doesn’t open. But before you do that, here is a little information you need to know. This app is usually installed inside a restricted access folder and takes ownership of the folder before running it as an administrator.

Here is bow to take ownership of any file before running these as administrator

  • Press the Windows and E keys together to open File Explorer
  • From the pop-up box, click on View and then Show to open the options
  • From here, select “Hidden Items.”
  • Open the folder “C:Program Files” and search for the file “C:Program FilesWindowsAppsNVIDIACorp.NVIDIAControlPanel_8.1.963.0_x64__56jybvy8sckqjnvcplui.exe”
  • Open Properties
  • From the new dialogue box, select “Security.”
  • Click on “Advanced” to expand the security section
  • In the new window. Click “Change” to open a particular group window
  • In the new pop-up box, type “Administrator” on the object name box
  • Click on “Check Names” and then “OK.”
  • Now, click on “Replace owner” and the object check box
  • Click on “Apply” and then “OK.”

Now, start by following these steps.

  • Open the search bar on your home screen and type “NVIDIA Control Panel.”
  • When the search result appears, click the icon and select “Run as administrator” from a pop-up context menu.

Method 3:- Update Nvidia Drivers

The drivers probably need to be updated so NVIDIA Control does not open on your device. Check if there is any update available and Israel it by this process

  • Visit the official website of NVIDIA” and go to “Drivers.” Find and select the drivers you want to install for your graphics card model.

Alternatively, you can follow this process:

  • Right-click on “Start” to open “Device Manager.”
  • In the new window, expand “Display adapters.”
  • Right-click on “NVIDIA current Graphics Card” & choose “Update Driver” in front of the pop-up box.
  • Select “Search instantly for your updated driver software” and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Method 4:- Uninstall the Nvidia Control Panel from the Microsoft Store

The NVIDIA control panel may not work because it is corrupted and may not have an authentic source. You can uninstall it from the Microsoft official store

  • Click on “Start.”
  • Open “Settings”
  • From here, click on “Apps & Features.”
  • In the new window, select “NVIDIA Control Panel.”
  • Click on “Uninstall”

Method 5:-Update NVIDIA Graphics Control Panel

Here is how you can update the NVIDIA Graphics Control Panel

  • Right-click on any empty part of your screen and select “NVIDIA Control panel” from the pop-up box.
  • Open “Help” from the menu
  • Finally, select “Updates” and wait till the update is complete

Method 6:- Reinstall your Drivers from NVIDIA GeForce Experience

To solve this issue, you can try reinstalling the NVIDIA driver from the official site. Sometimes, the driver may become corrupted with time, even with timely updates. In this case, a fresh reinstallation helps

  • Open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience official site.
  • From there, open “Drivers,” located on the second from the upper left corner (horizontally)
  • Select “reinstall the driver.”
  • Click “Install”
  • Follow all the steps to complete the process

Method 7:- Install Missing Visual C++ Redistribute Packages

The NVIDIA control panel may also not open if a particular visual C++ redistributable package is missing or outdated. You can update it or install it if needed.

  • First, open the Microsoft Visual C++ download page on your browser
  • If you use an 86-bit device, click on x86; if you use a 64-bit machine, click on the x64 link to download the file.
  • Double click on “VC_redict.arm64.exe ” or any similar file installer package to install it.

Method 8:- End NVIDIA Background Processes

The NVIDIA control app may not open if it runs in the background. You can end the background running of it to prevent the problem. Here is how to do this

  • Press the Ctrl, Esc, and Shift keys together to open Task Manager
  • Open “Processes”. In case another tab opens, select “Processes” from there
  • Scroll down in the new tab; select and find “NVIDIA processes.”
  • Click “End task.”
  • Now, find “Windows Explorer” and right-click on “Restart” beside it to restart the folder.

How to Fix the Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening in Windows 10?

If you are using a Windows 10 device, here are two easy methods that you can use

1. Reinstall the NVIDIA Driver

  • Press Win + X and choose “Device Manager.”
  • Expand the “Display adapters” section in Device Manager until the NVIDIA graphics card appears; right-click this device, right-click again, then “Uninstall device.”
  • Once in the Un-installation Window, tick “Delete Driver Software for this Device” and click “Uninstall.”
  • After uninstalling NVIDIA drivers, visit the NVIDIA website to download the latest driver for your graphics card and follow their onscreen installation instructions to install the downloaded file.

2. Restart NVIDIA

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  • Search the Processes tab for running processes, including the NVIDIA Control Panel and the User Experience Driver Component.
  • Right-click on the running NVIDIA processes and choose “End task” to stop them.

Alternately, restart all NVIDIA services by following these steps:

  • Press Win + R to launch the Run dialog box
  • Type “services.msc” in the box to access the Services window.
  • Look for NVIDIA services starting with their initial “NV,” right-click them,
  • Choose the Restart option in the menu bar of the Services Window.
  • After restarting services or stopping processes, attempt opening the NVIDIA Control Panel again.

How do I Open the Nvidia Control Panel in Windows?

You can open the NIDIA Control Panel on Windows devices with any of these three methods

1. From Start Button

  • Pres on the windows key or click on the start button to open the Start
  • In the search bar, type “NVIDIA Control Panel” and click on the search result

2. From the Desktop Context Menu

You can use this method if the NVIDIA drivers are configured to appear in the context menu of your device. Most modern devices have this feature.

  • Right-click on any space on your device screen
  • In the context menu, find and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” and click on it.

3. Through the System Tray Icon

  • Search for an NVIDIA logo on the screen’s lower right corner of the Taskbar. Alternatively, click your Taskbar’s “up” arrow to view the NVIDIA icon.
  • Right-click on it
  • From the pop-up menu, select “NVIDIA Control Panel.”

How do I Reset my Nvidia Control Panel?

Resetting your NVIDIA control panel to its default version can help sometimes. However, most games come with their program settings, and every game may not support the default version of the NVIDIA control panel settings.

You can foil with this step-by-step guide to rest your NVIDIA control panel-

  • Right-click on your desktop(anywhere ) to open the context menu
  • From the menu pop-up, click on “NVIDIA Control Panel.”
  • In the new window, go to the left panel and

    1. Click on “3D settings.”
    2. Under this section, select “Manage 3D settings.”

  • Alternatively, go to the left panel

    1. find “Global Settings” and “Program Settings”
    2. Click any of these two tabs
    3. Click “Reset” or “Restore” to restore the function to its default version.
    4. Follow the same with the other  tab

  • Click on “Apply”
  • Click “OK” to save your changes

Why is my Laptop Display Not Connected to the Nvidia GPU?

It can happen due to different reasons, including

1. Power Saving Features

To optimize battery life during light tasks and save power consumption, many laptops with integrated GPUs (usually Intel HD Graphics) use the power-saving mode to maximize battery power; these integrated GPUs switch over automatically when more intensive applications require the dedicated Nvidia GPU. Your device will then be able to open the NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. Nvidia Optimus Technology

Laptops may use Nvidia Optimus technology to dynamically switch between integrated and dedicated GPUs depending on workload, often switching automatically depending on workload requirements. Should an integrated GPU suffice for current tasks, then Nvidia GPU activation might not occur at that moment in time.

3. Corrupted or Outdated NVIDIA Drivers

Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers could lead to improper GPU detection or functionality on your laptop computer, leading to wrong detection or use. For optimal GPU functionality and detection, make sure that you install the most recent Nvidia graphics drivers onto it.

4. BIOS/UEFI Settings

Some devices can select their primary GPU through BIOS or UEFI settings. The NVIDIA control panel may not open on your device if it is set on integrated graphics beside the NVIDIA GPU.

5. Software Configuration

Certain apps or games may override the default GPU selection by overwriting specific application-specific settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. Check application profiles or settings as part of this step.

6. Power Plan Settings

Windows power plans can influence GPU usage on laptop computers. Setting to a power-saving plan might prefer using only its integrated GPU; on the other hand, switching to high performance may force the use of Nvidia cards instead.

7. Hardware Connection Issues

Issues between GPU and display can also result in display issues; however, hardware problems tend to be rarer.

8. Windows Update

In some cases, updates for Microsoft Operating Systems could impact GPU functionality. Ensure your operating system remains up-to-date, and check any known issues regarding graphics drivers before updating any drivers for graphics cards.

9. Software Interference

Specific third-party graphics management tools or security programs might prevent the Nvidia GPU from running efficiently. Try temporarily disabling or uninstalling them to troubleshoot.

10. Faulty GPU or Hardware Malfunction

Hardware failure or malfunction in the Nvidia GPU itself could cause display issues, and you may need to ask for professional assistance to solve such problems. If all else fails, seek help from experts as soon as possible.

Fix Nvidia Control Panel – FAQs

1. How do I open the Graphics control panel in Windows 10?

Ans: In devices with Windows 10, you can follow any of these procedures-
* Process 1
Right-click on any empty part of your device to open the context menu
From here, select “NVIDIA Control Panel.”
* Process 2
Click on the Windows key to open “Start.”
Search “NVIDIA Control Panel” by typing in the search box and clicking the search result.

2. How do I reset my Nvidia control panel?

Ans: Here is the method
* Click on the Windows button to open “Start,” type “NVIDIA Control Panel” in the search box, and click on the search result.
* Alternatively, right-click on any space to open the context menu. From here. Find and click “NVIDIA Control Panel.”
* In the new window. Find Global Settings” and “Program Settings”
* Click on “Global Settings(or Program Settings)” and look for the Reset” or “Restore” button
* Click on that button
* Follow the step with the other tab
* Click on “Apply” and then “OK” to save your changes

3. How do I enable the Control Panel in Windows? 

Ans: Here are the instructions to enable Control Panel in Windows
* Press the Windows and I keys together to open “Settings.”
* In the new episode, find and select “System.”
* From the left panel, click on “About.”
* Navigate to “Advanced system settings”
* Click on: Performance section” and then “Settings.”
* Select “Visual effects.”
* Here, find “show thumbnails instead of icons.”
* Click on “Apply” and then “OK.”

4. How do I restore my control panel?

Ans: Here is the method that you can use to restore the control panel-
* In the search button located in the Taskbar, search “Control Panel” and click on it
* In the new window, find and click on “Recovery.”
* From here, click on “Open System Restore.”
* Now, click on “Next.”
* Select “Control Panel” and again select “Next.”
* Click on “Finish.”


If the NVIDIA Control Panel is not working on your device, you cannot fine-tune the display settings, particularly for playing games. You can use this article as a guide to solve this problem. If nothing works, you can ask for professional assistance to understand the problem and ask the professional to solve it.

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