How to Prolong Lifespan, and Overall Usability of Cycle Tire

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Riding bicycles has always been one of the most convenient, affordable, and popular alternatives for both rural and urban travelers in a country like India that’s still in its developing phase. Various substantial reasons have triggered people to own a bicycle to meet the need of their daily short-distance commutations. Let’s have a close look at them-

  • Extremely light or almost no environmental footprint
  • Affordability factor – a huge cost-saving option when compared to any other two-wheeler
  • An effective and efficient method to incorporate exercise into the daily routine
  • The lowest possible maintenance
  • There is no need to obtain any kind of licensing.
  • Buy and go wherever you want.

Experts say if you take care of your bicycle tires made and supplied by the leading nylogrip tyres suppliers in India, you can enjoy hassle-free rides for years with almost no maintenance at all. This blog discusses how you can take better care of your bicycle tires and nylogrip zapper to ensure maximum performance and longevity in the following points-

Never overlook the wheel of the bicycles

Despite a large number of advantages, bicycles also have some aspects that need timely care and attention from the owner. The wheel is the most overlooked component of the cycles. People often keep riding their cycles without paying much attention to them, and as a result, the tires on them also start getting drastically affected.

If you maintain the health of your cycle’s wheels well, you will have to spend a minimum amount of money on the repairs. Disturbed or bad alignment of the wheel is one of the most common problems that most cycle owners face. When a cycle is used with improper wheel alignment, the tires start losing their grip on the road resulting in problematic as well as unsafe rides. Most bicycle tire tube suppliers in India very clearly mention in their user manual that the care of the wheel is also a part of the tire care.

Appropriate air pressure is the lifeline of the tires

Whether you buy bike tires or cycle tires of any quality, both the sellers as well as manufacturers lay stress upon the proper air pressure when it comes to the issuance of any guarantee. And, it is improper tire pressure that becomes the principal cause of tire damage in most cases.

Most people keep riding their cycles and even bikes without paying much attention to the air pressure of the tire. When the air pressure in the bicycle tire is low, it would give a feel like it is sticking to the ground, and this condition creates a great irritation as well as an annoyance when you ride the cycle or even a bike.

Low air pressure in the tire can:

  • cause irreparable damage to the rims
  • cause a sudden blowout creating misfortune for the rider
  • shorten the life of the tires
  • affect the performance of your cycle or bike negatively, and
  • cause extreme heat build-up, with more flexing in the tire’s sidewalls.

Just because of the low pressure in the tire, you may have to replace your tire which could have lasted for months or even years. Whether you are a regular cyclist or an occasional one, you need to do proper pumping before you are out with your cycle. Most bicycle tire tube suppliers in India suggest a weekly pressure check-up in their user manual. These days, it is very easy to buy bike tires online along with a pump. These pumps can be easily operated even by a kid to pump his or her cycle as and when needed.

Therefore, always make sure you have proper air pressure in the tire to obtain maximum performance from your tire as well as the cycle itself. If you are a heavier rider and often use your cycle to cover even longer distances, then it becomes more important to have a pump at home for round-the-clock use.

Be particular about the conditions of the road

Be it a cycle or a motorcycle, the condition of the road on which you often ride or drive plays a very important role in determining the overall lifespan of your tires. If the roads are slippery, watery, and full of jerks and jolts, the life of your tire will come to half for sure. Under these conditions, you have to be very particular not only about the tire pressure but also about a daily inspection of the tire after the end of each ride. You can touch and feel the condition of your tire with little effort. In case you are finding anything odd, just do the needful without wasting much time.

Clean your tires regularly

Cleaning your tire regularly is what most bicycle tire tube suppliers in India suggest in their user manual. Regular cleaning is the best way you can prolong tire usage while riding even on the toughest of terrains. After you are finished with every ride, take some hot water and apply it to the tire and clean all the mud and dirt with a hard brush. If you feel comfortable, you can also go for pressure cleaning. If the mud on the wheels and tires is left as it is, it can damage even the rims and bearings of the cycle. Regular cleaning of the wheel and tires will also let you know whether there is any spot of puncture or any other damage to the tire.

Concluding Remarks

Tires are the most important part of your cycle. As a cycle user, you have to always make sure that you don’t ride your cycle on the terrain it is not made for. Even when you buy bike tires or cycle tires, you should keep in mind the terrain. These days almost all the reputed bicycle tire tube suppliers in India manufacture and supply different variants of tires that you can use as per the nature of the terrain. Buying a suitable tire thoughtfully as per your requirement is also a way to prolong its life and overall usability as well.

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