JK Tyre Unveils Cutting-Edge Off-Road Tyres at EXCON 2023

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At EXCON 2023, India’s leading construction equipment expo in Bengaluru, JK Tyre introduced a new line of tyres that fall under the Off-the-Road (OTR) category. JK Tyre’s Off-the-Road (OTR) product line includes 11 distinct types of tyres that are suitable for a variety of vehicles and machinery that are used in a variety of different industries.

Reach stackers, also known as container handling machines, are the target market for the current generation of JK tyres, which is the JK Tyre 18.00-25 40PR Port Champion Plus. In addition to having a deep tread and a precise pattern, the tyre has good durability, mileage and steering ability when it is in operation.


Anuj Kathuria, the President of JK Tyre and Industries Ltd. in India, made the following statement in reference to the new products that the Indian tyre maker has introduced: “We have been at the forefront of introducing many technologically advanced products, which has cemented our prominence in the domestic as well as international tyre industry.” Because we are the most successful manufacturer of off-road tyres in India, we are committed to introducing cutting-edge goods to the market that are designed to maximise durability and performance, even on the most challenging terrains in the country. We at JK Tyre and Industries are optimistic that by introducing these new category-defining tyres, we will be able to strengthen our presence in the market further and provide ourselves with the opportunity to serve a more significant number of customers in the future.


The 17.5-25 20PR GTL Plus E3/L3 and the 13.00-24 16PR GTL Champ G3 are two examples of tyres that are suited for use on motor graders (also known as terrain grading machines). These tyres have fantastic traction and are designed to perform well on extreme terrains. Hard Rock Champion 12.00-20 20PR E4 is a new tyre that JK Tyre has introduced for mine tipper trucks. This tyre is designed to withstand harsh terrains that are common at mining sites.


In addition, JK Tyre is the maker of India’s largest tyre in the Ultra Large OTR tyre category, which is 40.00-57. This tyre has a diameter of 12 feet and weighs 3.4 tonnes. Because of this, the tyre has been included in the Limca Book of Records. At the same time, JK Tyre presented off-road tyres (OTR) for cranes, concrete mixers, forklifts, dump trucks, and backhoes at the EXCON 2023 international convention.


In the recent past, JK Tyre has released new tyres for extreme conditions. The EMB 333 and EMB 555, which were launched in August 2022, offer improved tread life and puncture resistance, making them ideal for earthmoving giants like graders and dozers. The V-EM R rigid dump truck, which was made public in March 2022, delivers excellent stability and off-road performance, ensuring a smooth ride even over the most challenging terrain. These developments in durability and handling enable big machinery to overcome any obstacle.

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