Know About Metro NyloGrip Zapper

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Bikes and scooters are some of the most amazing modes of conveyance today making it easy for people to travel from one place to the other. However, with ease of conveyance, there arises a need to keep the traction and stability intact all the time. It is crucial for anyone who drives a two-wheeler as the roads of today require undivided attention and confidence from world-class tyres.

Not every type of tyre is suitable and precise with its usability. Certain tyres are a more feasible solution today and need to be a part of your vehicle too. We have been creating some of the most durable and high-performance tyres in the market and Nylogrip Zapper is one of them. Let’s get into more details from here on.

What is Nylogrip Zapper?

Nylogrip Zapper is one of the most highly-refined tyres in the industry right now which offers the sophistication one needs, the durability the vehicle requires, and the most superior grip for every kind of road. The treads of these tyres are manufactured around the concept of superior grip on every type of road. Be it the gravel-laden road or the wet roads after rain, Nylogrip Zapper’s advanced gripping capabilities cover it all.

Furthermore, these tyres are available in two options – tube and tubeless – giving a range of options to choose from. The wheelbase can differ according to the type of bike or scooter which further provides a great option for our customers as it can cover a range of vehicle types too.

The Benefit of Choosing Nylogrip Zapper

Gripping Capabilities

One of the major highlights of these tyres is their smooth clawing capabilities on every type of road. You will get the right confidence at the wet road corners and easily drive past gravel-ridden surfaces.


The Nylogrip Zapper has a great mileage quotient. In other words, the longevity of these tyres is great which is a crucial aspect when choosing a tyre for a vehicle.

Deep Treads

The treads of these tyres are deep which helps attain the tarmac grip the vehicle needs. You can manoeuvre through the pot-holes easily as there is less force from the road.


Our Nylogrip Zapper is manufactured with sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. It allows you to get the best road support without burning a hole in your pocket.


At Metro Tyres, we have been developing some of the most uniquely durable products for vehicles. The bike and scooter tyres which are leveraging our knowledge of the latest polymer and experience in the industry to create world-class products for your vehicles. The Nylogrip Zapper is one of the major examples of it all.

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