Making sure your vehicle is ready for your summer vacation

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It’s time to get your vehicle ready for the summer vacation that you have been waiting for. You may have overlooked some details about your trip as you have been making sure you have packed everything you need to take you and your family for a well-earned holiday. You have probably gone through some kind of checklist for packing those bags for you and maybe your kids but have you thought about the vehicle you are going to be travelling in?

All the things that are listed below are of equal importance as the last thing you want is a flat tyre or the air conditioning failing in the hot weather.


This time of year, you can expect to have different driving conditions compared to the winter months and so your tyres will need a once over and preferably a change of tyre from winter months to summer tyres.

Things to check with your tyres before you set off on your journey:

Tyre pressure is important as many things can have an impact on tyre pressure especially temperature. Tyres expand more in summer weather so make sure your tyre pressure is correct as this will also help you save on your fuel costs.

Look for any abnormal wear on your tyres including bald patches and deep scuff marks and get the tyres repaired if needed before you set off. Always check the spare tyre for the same signs of wear, also make sure your car jack is working properly and it’s all complete.


It’s always a good idea to have your car brakes checked by a professional for any damage including brake pads and brake shoes well in advance of your departure just in case they need replacing. This should be done with any long road trip but as this is probably your main holiday of the summer and you have a car full of your loved ones that it’s especially important that you have confidence that should you need to stop in an emergency, they won’t fail.


Checking your oil in the summer months cannot be more important as your engine works harder in hotter weather so keeping it well lubricated is a must. Having an oil change is going to be your best bet to make sure your oil is in the best condition it can be. It’s recommended that you should change your oil about every 3,500 kilometres as a guide.

Air Conditioning

Being cool in your car during your journey in the summer hot months may not seem that important but having your air conditioning fail on your trip can have serious effects and can drastically turn up the heat in the vehicle. Making it very uncomfortable for you and the passengers on a long trip, so have your air conditioning checked out before you set off.

It is also a good idea to make sure the windshield wipers are working properly as there is more dust that needs to be cleared off so top up the water before you leave. Also, make sure all lights on your vehicle are ok and maybe carry a couple of spares just in case.

By using these simple tips, you should be good to go and have a great vacation. Please visit for any more information.

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