Pirelli Unveils Three Brand New P Zero Tyres at 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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At the Pirelli booth at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the Italian company is the Exclusive Tyre Partner, the company debuted three brand-new tyres. These new additions are the most recent goods to become a part of the P Zero family, and they represent a continuation of the constant innovation that has been synonymous with the P Zero brand. Since 1986, the name P Zero has been synonymous with both performance and safety, and it is presently the industry leader in terms of the number of homologations it has earned from the most prestigious automobile manufacturers in the world: more than 1300 in total. The family continues to develop in response to the needs expressed by manufacturers as well as those of individual customers, with a particular focus placed on eco-friendliness and effectiveness. These three new products have all been designed in accordance with Pirelli’s “Eco-Safety Design” methodology. This is a process of product creation that uses cutting-edge technologies and materials, incorporating all of the virtualisation technology that Pirelli has inherited from its expertise in motorsport. When it comes to the design of tyres, this helps to overcome the unavoidable compromises that are a natural result of all of the competing needs.

The most recent part of the story kicks out with the introduction of the new Pirelli P Zero E, which is an amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly practices that work in tandem with the other P Zero tyres in the lineup. The new tyre has received a grade of triple-A in every size for all of the categories tested by the European tyre label (rolling resistance, wet braking, and noise), and the independent agency Bureau Veritas has certified that more than 55% of its materials come from either natural or recycled sources. In addition, a study of the tyre’s whole lifespan that was conducted by Pirelli and certified by Bureau Veritas found a decrease in CO2 emissions of 24% when compared to a Pirelli tyre from an earlier generation**. The market for ultra-high-performance tyres has never previously witnessed results of this kind. Additionally, Pirelli’s innovative RunForward technology is available on the P Zero E. This technology enables drivers to continue driving at a maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour for about 40 km following a puncture.

At Goodwood, Pirelli also unveiled its brand-new P Zero R tyre, which is designed for the most potent supercars but can also be utilised in daily driving situations. This new product makes full use of the tight partnership that exists between Pirelli and the world’s most prominent carmakers. The Italian company delivers tyres to these car makers that have been designed expressly for each unique model and have qualities that meet the requirements of the present market. Engineers at Pirelli worked hard to give the P Zero R tyre progressive behaviour in addition to outright performance. This is in addition to driving control in both wet and dry circumstances, improved rolling resistance, reduced road noise, and higher consistency during sports driving.

When it comes to overall performance on the track, the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS instead represents the pinnacle of the brand’s offerings. It is a semi-slick tyre that has been homologated for usage on public roads. Its primary function is to serve as standard equipment for hypercars, and unique versions are designed for each vehicle. When it comes to on-track performance, the P Zero Trofeo RS marks another step ahead, with more consistent delivery and better safety in the wet compared to the generation before it.

The Pirelli P Zero family has been expanded to include these three new tyres, maintaining the company’s long-standing linkages to the most famous automobiles on the market. These relationships are maintained owing to the high performance and customizability of these new tyres, which are designed to fulfil the requirements of both car makers and end users. The P Zero brand was established in 1986 for the purpose of fitting the Group B Lancia Delta S4 that participated in global rallying. The following year, the name was used to suit the Ferrari F40, which was the first hypercar ever produced. These three new goods have been added to an extensive lineup that is now capable of catering to the various requirements of the world’s most sporty automobiles throughout each and every season. In addition to the P Zero, which was designed for use on public roads, the brand name was also given to high-performance tyres that competed in GT racing, the World Rally Championship, and Formula 1.

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, all three of Pirelli’s brand-new tyres were shown for the very first time on the company’s stand, which was designed to be an environment that exemplified the company’s pioneering spirit. More than 150 years of progress have been reflected via high-tech goods, a devotion to art and culture, a passion for motorsport, and special attention dedicated to sustainable practices. Pirelli’s two-wheeled activities were also featured on the stand thanks to the presence of a Ducati Superleggera and a Trek Madone Racing replica road bike. Additionally, the world of Pirelli Design was exhibited through the display of one-of-a-kind products that were created through close collaboration with famous partners.


About Pirelli Tyres:

An Italian giant in the tyre industry serving worldwide, Pirelli Tyres has been making high-performance tyres for cars, motorbikes, bicycles and other vehicles since its inception in 1872. The company is dedicated to coming up with new ideas and utilises advanced technology that has seen them stand among the top tyre manufacturers in the world. Pirelli expanded its operations to India to meet the needs of the growing Indian automobile industry. Since the inception of the company’s operations in India, Pirelli has offered high-quality tyres, utilising its knowledge to meet the varying demands of Indian drivers while staying honest with the brand’s tradition of performance, safety, and dependability.

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