The First-Ever Vredestein Tyres Store In Bengaluru Has Been Inaugurated

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Vredestein Tyres, a luxury tyre manufacturer based in Europe and currently owned by Apollo Tyres, has opened its very first standalone retail location in Bengaluru. Vikram Garga, Group Head, Marketing, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres, and Nikhil B, Managing Partner, Madhus Tyres Centre, opened the establishment. Gurugram-based tyre major has collaborated with Madhus Tyres, which is located on Hosur’s main road.


Back in 2021, Apollo Tyres introduced a locally produced line of Vredestein tyres in the Indian market. Apollo Tyres bought the Vredestein brand in 2009. In 2013, Vredestein tyres were first made available in India after having been imported from other countries. The premium and luxury segments of the passenger vehicle market are served by these tyres, which are made at Apollo Tyres’ cutting-edge facilities in India. On the other hand, the superbike market in India is served by the brand’s two-wheeler tyres, which are designed specifically for the country’s expanding market for superbikes.


The company stated that it has been selling the Vredestein brand of tyres through its extensive network of business partners, particularly premium tier I counters, in order to increase revenue. Apollo Tyres is eyeing all of the important metropolitan centres in the country with a big vehicle park of high-end automobiles and superbikes or additional shops like the one inaugurated in Bengaluru, the first specialised counter to be built anywhere in India. 


Speaking at the event, Vikram Garga, Group Head of Marketing for Apollo Tyres Ltd. in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (APMEA), stated that “Bengaluru is amongst the biggest markets for auto enthusiasts, with a significant vehicle park of premium cars and superbikes.” Madhus Tyre Centre, with its enviable clientele, is the right match for the Vredestein product line, which is oriented towards the eager explorers, for whom the ultra-high performance cars are a mirror of themselves. Madhus Tyre Centre is the perfect fit for the Vredestein product range. We have every confidence that increasing the brand’s visibility and establishing a presence in this area with a large volume of foot traffic will result in an increase in overall sales.


About Vredestein Tyres:

Vredestein is a prestigious European tyre brand with a long and illustrious history that dates back to 1909. The business is currently owned by Apollo Tyres Ltd., which is based in India. The company’s wares may be purchased in more than one hundred countries across the world. Tyres manufactured by Vredestein are well-known for their exceptional performance, comfort, and safety levels. In addition to this, they are made to be environmentally beneficial by having a low rolling resistance and a lowered emission rate. Vredestein provides tyres for a diverse selection of vehicles in India, including automobiles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), commercial vans, and motorcycles. In addition, the organisation offers a range of tyre-related services, such as mounting, balancing, and aligning vehicles’ wheels.


Vredestein is the perfect option for you to go with if you are looking for a high-quality European tyre brand that has a demonstrated history of excellent performance.

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