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The Arduino community is a rich source of ideas when it comes to robot project ideas. Likewise, there are lots of board options out there to choose from. If you are looking around for Arduino robot hardware then it’s worth taking a look at the Adeept Robot Control Board.

First of all, it’s running an ATmega328P, the classic Arduino Uno chip – so you’ll find heaps of tutorials and project examples built on this IC. It’s programmable via the Arduino IDE by interfacing with the USB-C port on the board. When not powered by the USB port the board can run from a 7-10V input supply. Additionally, a 2-cell 18650 battery holder is supplied. The board also has a provision to charge the 18650s so power is easily managed. There are heaps of accessories on board. To get you moving there are 2 DRV8833 chips which can drive up to 4 DC motors. There’s provision for driving servos, a collection of addressable RGB LEDs, an IR receiver, and a buzzer.

You can also extend the functionality of this board by adding modules. There are connectors for line tracking modules and ultrasonic sensors. You can add Bluetooth control by adding an HC-06 module. Other radio modules that can be added include the ESP8266 and the NRF24L01. There are breakouts for additional WS2812 LED chains as well as more generic UART and I2C breakouts as well.

It strikes us that this is perfect for those who are more interested in the mechanical aspects of creating a robot who perhaps don’t want to design their own PCB or want to work out how to DIY together lots of modules. If that rings true for you, it’s definitely worth checking out this board.

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