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Photography is one of those areas I periodically think I should improve my skills in. These thoughts usually culminate in watching a few tutorial videos and playing with camera settings until the feeling fades and my camera (when not gathering dust in lieu of my phone) returns to full auto settings! The CheatKard – Photography Basics might provide more motivation as it provides a beautiful pocket-able set of photography knowledge flashcards small enough to take out with your camera and begin your photography revival!

The CheatKards are wallet-sized at 80 * 50mm, slightly flexible and very rugged. The card information is printed in a gold plating making these really high contrast and easy to read. There are 5 cards in this basic set, each double-sided. Two of the cards cover basic camera setting information, aperture, ISO, shutter settings and other information to consider such as the benefits of shooting in JPEG or RAW mode. Other cards include a composition card that prompts you to think about the use of symmetry, movement in shots and more interesting concepts like leading lines and the golden triangle. The card set is rounded out with a card on shooting setup, which includes information on focal distances, flash use and more and a final card gives some example setups for different shooting styles.

We really like the idea that you can break away from learning photography online with these cards, just charge your camera, grab these cards and head out!

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