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USB portable chargers have become indispensable for many of us. I carry a 22Ah lithium-ion charger that supports USB-PD and can charge my phone at a ridiculously fast rate. It can even go up to 15V to charge things like my Switch. But even though 22Ah seems like a lot, portable devices these days chew through a lot of power. If you want even more beef, check out this 65W USB-C Charger that works with Ryobi tool batteries.

Remember that amp-hours take into consideration the voltage of the battery, and so even though the Ryobi batteries are 3Ah, at 18V this works out to 54Wh (watt-hours) which is a much better way to compare battery sizes. My portable charger is 92Wh, but it’s rather large. With the dual-battery option, you can get 108Wh! They also make 6Ah batteries too, giving you a whopping 216Wh!

This charger has some other nice features as well, including PowerPole connectors to directly access the 18-20V of the battery. The single-battery version has storage for cables, as well as clips to hold those small, flexible USB LED lights. These batteries are capable of putting out a lot of current, even enough to start a truck if you’re in a real jam.

If you already own the correct tool batteries, this is a great accessory to store with your tools in case you need to charge your phone or the Bluetooth speaker to keep everyone happy while working!

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