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Into chiptunes? Are you yearning for that glorious era of SNES music filling your ears? Somewhat of a purist? Then the Fisher SNES Music PLayer V1.5 might be just the thing!

At first glance, you might just think this is a DIY MP3 player or some such device. No, this fabulous build is a dedicated .SPC file player, the file type of choice for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Your next thought might be, “Oh, OK it’s an emulator for SNES music!”, which also is not the case! This system eschews emulation in favour of the original hardware.

The main device onboard is the SPC700 chip which is the Sony chip the original SNES systems utilised for audio. It features 8 DSP channels with each channel being 16-bits, one of the reasons the SNES had pretty high-fidelity sound. If you’re interested in the SPC700 there is a wiki page here.

Aside from the SPC700, the Fisher SNES Music player has a built-in display and a nice looking interface for negotiating through your .SPC files. The files are stored on an SD card and this device comes with a 2GB card with sample files loaded. There’s volume control and the output is a 3.5mm stereo jack socket. Also included is a 9V DC power supply.

It comes fully assembled, which means it’s easy to get up and running quickly! This is a great device for those with SNES nostalgia and it’s definitely worth at least checking out the product page. Check out the video below for an example of how it sounds!

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