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A few years ago, for unknown reasons, the original progenitors of the Project RE:birth website disappeared, removed all their resources and left behind a community looking for FM synth support to listen to those classic FM tunes. Well, the SPFM Lite has come to resuscitate the project. The goal is to ensure the long-term survival of the hardware, and to facilitate the community of FM synth enthusiasts getting their hands on quality synth chips!

With these boards, instead of using a software emulation of the chip to listen to/create FM synth music, you can send the data directly to the real hardware to get the perfect recreation of the original sound. The number of chips this project supports is incredible, and with this board and its backplane extender, you can have as many modules as you want. The store also lists a whole bunch of compatible cards, but you can of course spin your own.

There’s quite a lot of available software that can take advantage of the hardware synth chips, so make sure to take a good look at the product page to see what formats and chips are supported by each. Check out how it sounds in the video below!

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