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The EGCPH-S Generic Chest harness is a generic chest mount platform for people to build interesting and useful chest mount wearable projects.

At first glance, you might be thinking “What is the difference between this and a chest harness sold by any number of action camera manufacturers?” Well, at first glance not much,  but when you delve deeper into the product listing and read about the design approaches you realise this product has had a lot of thought and care in development.

A really excellent feature is that all the straps and clips/buckles are designed so that everything is on the front of the harness. This makes it potentially much more comfortable and compatible with other gear such as rucksacks, climbing harnesses or other load-carrying or safety equipment. The chest plate itself is rugged, made with a semi-rigid polyurethane, which is flexible enough to be comfortable for the wearer yet rugged enough to withstand most impacts. Polyurethane is also inert and resistant to many chemicals making it suitable for all manner of industrial environments.

Eschewing webbing for full weave elastic straps, the maker states that the EGCPH-S is suitable for extended periods of wear, perfect for long shifts and more.

While it doesn’t come with any particular mount for any particular equipment we could easily see this being incorporated into many projects, from simple body camera mounts to tool holders to communications and radio attachments — it’s a great starting platform for your wearable needs!

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