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If you are into tabletop gaming, you probably have a reasonable collection of dice. In fact, you might have quite a bag full! This E-Dice offers a versatile electronic dice system in a small and well-made package.

It’s supplied fully assembled, all you’ll need to supply are two CR2016 coin cells. You simply remove the white cover, insert the cells, and you’re ready to go! This e-die can emulate D6, D10, D12, D20, D40, D60 and D100 so it really does cover all bases for tabletop gaming. It’s pretty straightforward to use, you simply press the button to roll the die. To change the die type you long press the button, then scroll through the die face options with short presses and long press once more to select the number of die faces you require.

While you might be attached to your collection of analogue dice we do imagine these dice being useful for gameplay when travelling light. The project creator mentions it can be used in the dark which makes sense but we wonder if it might most be useful when you need to play quietly. The clatter of dice on a table while someone is sleeping nearby can be a recipe for household unrest! So for all the DMs and roleplayers out there, be sure to check out the product page. They’d make a wonderful gift for a DM who has kept a game going for a long time!

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