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There are lots of cool retro computer-inspired kits going around these days. The Commander X16 is popular, but the OtterX 8-bit Retro Computer Kit makes it affordable and easy to assemble! Fully X-16 compatible, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, but the surface mount components come pre-soldered, so all you need to assemble is the through-hole stuff and you’ve got a great, retro-inspired computer!

Featuring an 8MHz 65C02 processor and over 512K of RAM, this computer can bring some serious horsepower to retro programs. It can even be upgraded to the 65C816, the 8/16-bit hybrid 6502 that can run even faster. With a Mini-ITX form factor, finding a case isn’t difficult, and with 2 SNES-compatible controller ports it’s easy to find quality controllers for gaming!

You do need to supply a power supply. It’s designed to accept an ATX supply, but a correctly sized PicoATX would likely do the job and save a lot of space. Retro music is covered with a YM2151 OPM sound chip for classic FM music and sound effects. And, to top it off, it even supports IEC serial devices, so your Commodore 1541 or your SD2IEC should work flawlessly for file storage.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the retro computing scene, but also want to build a kit, this is a great option. The amount of engineering and the density of the chips on this board show that they packed in every single feature they possibly could!

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