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Calculators and hackers seem to go hand in hand. While we may have pseudo-religious arguments over which particular calculation system is better (just as we may have pseudo-religious arguments over which particular text editor is best) we really do hold in high esteem all calculators, these amazing little programmable devices. For a long time, it was the closest thing you could have to a computer in your pocket! And so, for fans of calculators, soldering, and kit-building, we have the PX-11C Calculator.

Made entirely with through-hole parts, the kit should be easy to solder for those with a bit of experience. The case and front panel are very nice interpretations of the original HP-11C. But with modern technology, we get some bonuses: programs and calculations run about 4-5 times faster than on the original. It has a built-in real-time clock and a 192×64 pixel display that can show a bit more on-screen than the original. Memory is non-volatile, and the whole thing runs off of a single CR2032.

It’s capable of running any programs written for the original HP-11C, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can flash the device to act like an HP-41C or any of the Voyager series of calculators. So if you’re into RPN calculators, be sure to check out not only the PX-11C but the other calculator models in HobbyStone’s store.

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