Tindie Blog | These Boots Are Made For Flying: DJI Mini 2 Landing Boots

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We probably don’t need to talk to the Tindie blog readership about how large the impact of 3D printing has been in terms of making cool niche things! The fact that many of us probably have a machine that can turn out a pretty accurate plastic material part is pretty amazing. However, not everyone does and not everyone has invested the amount of time to learn how to model objects in 3D CAD software. Therefore we think it’s great that people can offer relatively simple parts for sale to those who need them but don’t have a printer. A good example are the DJI Mini 2 Landing boots.

The DJI Mini 2 is an excellent quad-copter capable of long-range flights, 4K video capture with transmission and more. It’s a popular small drone at a price point where most users want to take good care of it.

The DJI Mini 2 has landing gear which consists of feet at the front which are a long plastic part below the motors and at the rear, some smaller plastic feet moulded directly into the body shell. These hard plastic feet are prone to getting worn, scuffed and cracked if you regularly land on harder surfaces like concrete and tarmac.

The DJI Mini Landing Boots are a pack of four 3D printed boots, printed in rugged flexible TPU filament, that fit over each of the feet and provide protection. The kit comes with 2 pairs of boots for the two different pairs of feet and an alcohol wipe to clean up the feet on your DJI Mini 2 before applying them. The front boots are larger and have a friction fit whereas the rear boots come with a small pre-inserted adhesive patch to help them adhere to the smaller body shell feet. Check out how easy they are to install in the video below:

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