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I’ve recently been designing myself a custom business card PCB with an ATtiny3216, and I was originally planning on using a standard SSD1306 OLED display — until I saw this incredibly tiny display that is absolutely perfect for small projects like this! Like most standard OLED modules available off-the-shelf, it’s controlled using I2C, which is nice as it reduces pin count and routing issues on tiny PCBs.

With a 0.32″ diagonal display size, and overall dimensions of 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.4mm, it still has the crisp, super-high contrast look of bigger OLED displays while using less board space and less power! If you want to add a rotary encoder, they even offer a version of this display with one attached.

Besides projects like my business card, they suggest some other great uses for the display: miniature video game handhelds, IoT device status displays, wearable art & jewelry… but I’m sure our Tindie community will have no trouble thinking up cool ways to use this display. It actually is a descendant of its bigger sibling, the 0.42″ Miniature OLED which might be a better fit depending on your use case.

There are libraries available to drive the display, and all it needs is 3.3V, GND, and I2C. Check out the video below for a demonstration and to get a grasp on just how tiny it is!

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