TVS Eurogrip Roadhound Large Bike Tyres: A Performance Review

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TVS Eurogrip is marketing the new Roadhound premium bike tyres with many ambitious claims. Experts put these tyres to the test to see if they live up to the hype.


With the success of its tried-and-true Protorq Extreme rubber, TVS Eurogrip has already solidified its position as a leader in the sub-400cc motorcycle tyre market in the country. With the help of these brand-new Roadhound tyres, its goal is to dominate the market for heavy bikes in India and other global marketplaces. The tyre maker lets the experts get a feel for the Roadhound tyres on the narrow and winding Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Here, the experts called the opportunity to test it on various motorcycles. 


The production facility of TVS Eurogrip is enormous and is located on the outskirts of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This is where its extensive catalogue of tyres — designed for anything from electric vehicles to high-end motorcycles — is manufactured. A specialised production line has been established by the corporation just for the production of the Roadhound, which is composed of four distinct compounds. 


According to the manufacturer, the shoulder patches on both sides are lined with a softer and more tacky material. In comparison, the centre band is made of a harder material to help in the final product’s overall longevity. In addition, the very edge of the Roadhound tyre is coated with a super-sticky compound that the manufacturer says is designed to endure lean inclinations greater than 50 degrees. These three compounds are layered together on top of a solitary, long-lasting chemical that serves as the base layer.


The TVS Eurogrip Roadhound tyres have a tread pattern characteristic of sport-touring tyres and lots of siping to help with water drainage, but they could be more appealing. However, looking closely at it, appearances do not necessarily convey the entire story.


The experts tried these tyres on Harley-Davidson Street Rod and Kawasaki Z650. The ride was fantastic, with excellent handling. The Roadhound tyres were also tested on the Honda CBR650F and BS3 Ninja 650, in addition to the Street Rod and the Z650.


To begin, these tyres are sticky and instil confidence from the very beginning, and as soon as you start using them, you feel entirely at peace regardless of the bike. Despite the fact that they have a very uninteresting appearance, they are quick to tip into corners, and even after you’re leaning over, there was no misbehaviour.


Second, the price of these tyres is higher (by around INR 5,000) than the price of the Vredestein Centauro ST, which is a locally produced large bike tyre that is equivalent to this tyre. The front tyre size of 120/70-ZR17 costs INR 12,999, while the alternatives of 160/60 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 rear tyres have prices of INR 14,999 and INR 16,999, respectively. The price for the 180/55 ZR17 rear tyre is INR 16,999. 


These sport-touring tyres are designed to operate at their best in wet and cold situations. TVS Eurogrip states that it has routinely obtained upwards of 15,000 km on a single set while operating in other countries. Still, that number lowers to the 12,000 kilometres or so range while operating in India.


In the next few months, the Indian tyre maker also intends to release a 190-section rear Roadhound. TVS Eurogrip has its sights set squarely on what it considers to be Tier-I tyre brands (Pirelli, Metzeler, and Bridgestone). Still, the company claims that its pricing places it in the territory of Tier-II tyre manufacturers (Maxxis and Mitas). It has also said that its tyres will be the standard fitment on a premium motorcycle produced by an international brand around the time of EICMA 2023. It has been reported that an Aprilia RS 440 test mule has been spotted in a foreign territory with TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tyres, and this may be what the manufacturer was alluding to.


According to a report, a superbike tyre measuring 120 millimetres in front and 200 millimetres in the back is currently being developed and expected to debut in 2025 or 2026. This can only be good news for the customer and will drive multinational competitors to reassess their pricing tactics in the country. Indian tyre makers are slowly but surely putting out genuine solutions in the premium category. For motorcyclists, this is a sweet situation either way.


About TVS Eurogrip:

TVS Eurogrip is one of the largest tyre producers in India. It has a production capacity of over 12 million tyres per year and sells its products in more than 85 countries worldwide. Two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and industrial tyres are among the company’s best-selling goods. TVS Eurogrip has a substantial presence in India, holding a considerable market share in both the OEM and replacement sectors. The company’s worldwide footprint is also expanding, with customers in the United States, Europe, and Japan.


Here are some remarkable TVS Eurogrip facts:

  • The firm has a design centre in Milan, Italy that works in tandem with its R&D centre in Madurai, India.
  • TVS Eurogrip tyres have been tested on Indian, European, and Japanese roads.
  • The organisation has an extensive network of distributors and dealers throughout India and worldwide.
  • TVS Eurogrip is a joint venture between The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company and TVS Group.

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