Yokohama Unveils E+ Mark EV Tyres for Enhanced Performance!

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Yokohama Rubber (Yokohama) has stated that beginning in the second half of 2023, it would begin putting a new proprietary ‘E+’ mark on its tyres for the passenger cars, lorries and buses that have specific attributes that are needed by electrified vehicles. These tyres will be designed to meet the requirements of electric vehicles. The new E+ mark is the most current component of Yokohama Rubber’s reaction to the growing demand in recent years for tyres that are most appropriate for use on electric cars. This demand has been on the rise.

According to the Japanese tyre maker, tyres that are installed on electrified cars need to be able to satisfy specific requirements. One of these requirements is that the tyres must be able to handle the increased loads associated with large electric batteries as well as the high torque output of the electric motor. They are also required to have a degree of silence that compliments the absence of noise produced by the engine of the vehicle. In addition to this, the tyres need to be able to extend the vehicle’s operating range while also contributing to the vehicle’s ability to make effective use of electricity and other forms of energy.

Yokohama Rubber (Yokohama) says that it already supplies tyres as original equipment (OE) for a number of electrified vehicles. These vehicles include premium cars such as the BMW iX3, Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ and Lexus RX. 

The tyre manufacturer is actively developing replacement market options for electric cars using the cutting-edge technologies that were initially designed for OE tyres. Yokohama tyres that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of electric vehicles will now feature an E+ mark on their sidewall. This mark will also be visible in tyre catalogues and websites to help customers identify suitable tyres for their electric vehicles. The aim is to make the selection process easier for customers. Customers will be able to make an informed decision regarding their choice of tyres for their electric vehicles.

The new Advan Sport EV, an ultra-high-performance summer tyre for electric vehicles, will be the first Yokohama product to receive the E+ designation. The business intends to release this product in Europe and other regions beginning in the autumn of 2023.

The objective of the consumer tyre division of Yokohama Rubber’s three-year (2021–2023) medium-term management plan, referred to as Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023), is to maximise the sales ratios of high-value-added tyres. These include the Advan brand as the company’s global flagship product, the Geolandar brand of tyres for SUVs and pickup trucks, and various types of winter tyres. 

It is applying the feedback received from EV makers in its development of replacement tyres as it seeks to broaden its product lineup and improve the performance of all of its tyres to meet new requirements in this era of dynamic change. This is in addition to strengthening its marketing of tyres to be used as OE on electric vehicles, which require tyres to be made using the most advanced technologies.


About Yokohama Tyres

Since its inception in 1917, the notable Japanese multinational tyre manufacturing business Yokohama Tyres, which has its headquarters in Tokyo, has established itself as one of the largest tyre producers in the world, earning it the name ‘Yokohama Tyres’. 

Yokohama Tyres has a solid footing in India and maintains a production facility in Chennai that was created in 2004 and is equipped with the most modern manufacturing technology. This cutting-edge business can produce 10 million tyres annually and offers work possibilities to more than a thousand people. The Chennai facility manufactures a wide variety of high-quality tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles in order to cater to the varied requirements of Indian drivers and their vehicles. Yokohama Tyres continues to be committed to innovation, environmental sustainability, and exceeding the expectations of its customers with its premium tyre solutions. The company’s worldwide workforce currently stands at over 15,000 people, and its activities are spread out throughout 100 countries. 

The fact that the tyre maker was able to create an astounding amount of 150 million tyres around the globe in 2022 is a credit to the company’s dedication to excellence and unrelenting pursuit of expanding tyre technology.

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